Fredrikson Consulting Process

Our aim is to help your business grow at an exciting but manageable pace.

We do this by applying over fifteen years experience in sales, marketing and process design coupled with an in-house technical capability to deliver technology infrastructure and software systems to make your business plan a reality.

Our focus is working with small and medium sized companies with innovative product ideas for the hospitality trade that wish to either introduce or expand their operation in the U.K.

We have a diverse skill-set covering sales & marketing, business consultancy, information technology, project management & operational change. Our customer base includes some of the U.K.’s market leading companies in their respective fields, offering unrivalled distribution opportunities for the right products and services.

Unlike other consultancy businesses we do not charge any hourly or daily fees.  We are paid in proportion to the sales we introduce to you, which is why we only partner with products we feel passionate about.

We help our clients calibrate their approach to business planning by understanding their technology gaps, current distribution model(s), supply chain and production methods in relation to the demand from sales we introduce.

By proactively identifying and managing risks – putting business plans in place and assisting you with business analyst and project management skills – we reduce the stress of growth while maintaining quality standards. We ask the right questions and help you find the most cost effective and appropriate ideas to tackle the challenges of an expanding business.